Pune Holiday Apartments For Short Stay On Rent

apartment punePune (traditionally known as Punya Nagri) is one of the most commercially viable cities in the country of India. In addition to that, its proximity to Mumbai which is the financial capital of India helps the cause. It has the presence of top multinational companies of the world where in millions of transactions takes place. On the other side, Pune is also known for its scenic beauty which attracts many a tourist to the city to enjoy some quality away from work and unwind to the fullest. Therefore, in order to accommodate both the extremes of life i.e. the hard core business on one hand, and the holiday mood on the other hand, Pune has a plethora of holiday resorts and corporate hotels which ensures that it caters to the needs and demands of all visitors and no visitor to the city of Pune returns with a hard feeling about the whereabouts of the city.

Owing to the diverse demographic of the visitors and tourists from India and elsewhere visiting the city for different purposes, Pune has offerings for all sections of society – on one hand it has ecstatic villas, farm houses for customers to stay lavishly and on the other hand, it also has affordable apartments or individual rooms where in visitors can stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

A few of the luxurious apartments or villas which are there in Pune are mentioned below for reference:-

  • Bellavista Service Apartment – This is nothing but an independent apartment conveniently located at 1.5 km from one of the biggest landmarks of Indian history, the Aga Khan Palace. Owing to such an ecstatic location, the resident enjoy the natural beauty of hills. The apartment has equipped itself with all state of art facilities which a visitor would love to have in his travel. Apart from that, it has customized accessories and facilities for children and pets as well. All of which, makes it a perfect choice of a holiday outing
  • Satellite Service Apartment – This is another exotic property in Pune which visitors can avail. The apartment is completely staffed with modern facilities and visitors are promised to get all the basic and augmented needs at their door step. The apartment is placed amongst natural ecstasies and tourists and residents can experience the scenic beauty of the same. The apartments are equipped with all the state of art facilities and amenities.

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